(INDIANAPOLIS) – Earlier this week, Senator J.D. Ford (D – Indianapolis) released the following statement upon the Senate’s passage of H.B. 1412, a bill that threatens to void local ordinances prohibiting the retail sale of dogs in Indiana:

Today I am calling on Governor Holcomb to stand up for Hoosiers across the state and their canine companions by vetoing HB 1412. This bill uses the cover of regulation to overturn the will of voters in more than twenty Indiana municipalities and would force our towns and cities to allow the retail sale of dogs. If it becomes law, this legislation will further incentivize the inhumane puppy mill industry. I stand with my constituents on this, including those in Carmel who worked hard to pass a ban on selling puppies for profit. There is no common sense or public need behind this legislation, not least of all while thousands of dogs await adoption from shelters. I hope the Governor will do the right thing and exercise his veto on this immoral legislation.”