INDIANAPOLIS—The Senate Appropriations Committee met today to discuss Senate Bill 52, which would ban construction of dedicated bus lanes statewide, including ones already planned for Indianapolis. State Senator David Niezgodski (D-South Bend) released the following statement:

“Senate Bill 52 predominately affects residents of Indianapolis, who voted to support a local initiative to expand access to transit. This bill stops these efforts, and due to the overwhelming Indianapolis opposition to this bill, I had to vote no. Listening to the testimony in committee, I heard that many residents fear the elimination of the designated lanes and losing bus lines. Many rely on IndyGo bus lines to get back and forth to work and are looking forward to the enormous economic development this line will bring.

“During my 18 years with the Indiana General Assembly, I have supported measured and modernized growth in public transportation, most notably with the West Lake Corridor and Double Tracking project in Michigan City. These projects have modernized and will be historic for commuter transportation through northwest and north-central Indiana. My district has seen the immense benefits that the South Shore has given, and I would have fought adamantly if the state tried to undo something so important to our community. Due to this success, I would have loved to see the Indiana General Assembly give the same consideration to the City of Indianapolis and its dedication to these highly sought-after improvements to cost-efficient transportation for all of its residents.”