INDIANAPOLIS—Today, the State and Local Tax Interim Committee had its first meeting to review the Indiana’s tax structure, by examining the near and long-term financial outlook and overall fiscal position. At the conclusion of the committee meeting, State Senator Qaddoura released the following statement,

“I am supportive of a strategic review of the state’s tax structure. A regressive tax system that satisfies Americans for Prosperity, a conservative political advocacy group founded by the Koch brothers, should not be the baseline that informs the policy outcomes of the taskforce. Hoosiers cannot wait for a 2-year review to get property tax relief, lower gas and utility prices, fully fund public education, and address the housing crisis. I will not support any outcome to cut services to citizens or to simply reduce tax obligations to wealthy special interest groups at the expense of hard-working Hoosier families. These restrictive policies and the politics of the General Assembly are driving young Hoosiers out of the State. This will negatively impact the tax base, and Indiana’s ability to attract and retain jobs and employees. I will continue advocating for bipartisan policy solutions that are responsive to the needs of all Hoosiers.”