INDIANAPOLIS—Senate Assistant Democratic Leader Shelli Yoder (D-Bloomington) released the following comments on the PFAs language being struck from bills before Session Adjournment on Sine Die:

“I am thankful that this overly broad and potentially misleading language was removed from House Bill 1329 and did not appear in any other bills during the Conference Committee process before we adjourned on Sine Die.

“The reality is that PFAs language never passed out of the Senate Environmental Affairs Committee, and attempts to slide the language into another bill speaks volumes about House Republicans’ willingness to bypass the proper legislative process when it benefits them. It also showcases Republicans’ contempt for expert opinion when it contradicts their political priorities. We must take a more scientific approach to weighing the important uses for PFAs in medical devices and other essential products, while recognizing the dangers people face when exposed to PFAs at high levels. Many PFAs pose a significant risk to public health, and as dozens of experts told us during testimony, reclassifying thousands of them to not be considered PFAs in Indiana would do nothing but endanger the wellbeing of Hoosiers, especially our most vulnerable.

“As we look ahead to the 2025 Legislative Session, we must remain watchful of attempts like this going forward. I will continue to fight any efforts by this Legislature to expose Hoosiers to harmful chemicals and push misinformation at the expense of Hoosiers’ health.”