INDIANAPOLIS—Assistant Democratic Leader Senator Shelli Yoder (D-Bloomington) released the following statement on the Indiana Legislative Council failing to include environmental topics in the 2024 interim study committee assignments:

“I am extremely disappointed that, yet again, there will be no environmental study committee this year. Indiana faces some of the worst air and water quality in the country. After passing HEA 1383 this past Session—which advocates and experts told us will hurt the quality of waterways, we must have a way to critically assess impacts of policies like these. Indiana should also develop a robust statewide water resource management plan to prepare for droughts and water quantity problems. Instead, Legislators choose to bury their heads in the sand by refusing to acknowledge the reality of the environmental issues facing Indiana.

“When we talk about healthcare and health outcomes, jobs, affordable housing, infrastructure—these are all issues underpinned by the quality of our natural environment and the resources it provides us. We cannot expect continued economic growth and prosperity for Hoosiers without protecting our natural resources—and we will continue to face poor qualities of place until Legislators give these topics the proper time and energy. An interim study committee on the environment is the least we could do.”