INDIANAPOLIS—On Thursday, State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Ogden Dunes) announced her retirement after 16 years of service in the Indiana Senate. Throughout her tenure, Tallian has been an unwavering proponent for Hoosiers, advocating and advancing legislation to improve the lives of residents in Northwest Indiana and across the state.

“It’s been my honor to serve Senate District 4 for the last 16 years,” Sen. Tallian said. “I’m most proud of the work we’ve done to make Northwest Indiana a better place to work and live for the Hoosiers of the Region. From protecting the Indiana Dunes to expanding the South Shore line and allowing children on Medicaid to get care in Chicago. Standing up for our working families by fighting for better workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance benefits, and giving our teens a second chance by successfully advocating for juvenile justice reforms also are important accomplishments for our community.

“I also had the good fortune of meeting folks across the state in my work on the Budget Committee and my advocacy for marijuana reform, which has led to me hearing from folks from all corners of Indiana. Lastly, I want to thank my neighbors in District 4 for trusting me with your support for the last 16 years. It has truly been an honor to serve, and I am proud to have worked with all of you.”