State Senator Karen Tallian filed Senate Resolution (SR) 5 which urges Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill to withdraw Indiana from the lawsuit which attempts to strike down the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Ending the ACA would stop federal funding for the popular Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) 2.0, leaving hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers unable to receive affordable health care coverage. With the 5th Circuit Court’s recent ruling on the lawsuit, the door is still wide open for the ACA to be struck down.

Sen. Tallian had this to say about the harmful lawsuit that AG Hill has involved the state in:

“Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill involved Indiana in this lawsuit, which is threatening Hoosiers’ health care and our state’s health insurance program, the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) 2.0. The 5th Circuit’s ruling still leaves the door open for the ACA to be completely struck down, leaving hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers who rely on HIP 2.0 unable to receive affordable health care coverage. Even worse, he is using Hoosiers’ tax dollars in this lawsuit to take away their health care.

“You’ll recall that HIP 2.0 was the Republican health care plan for Indiana, passed under the former Pence administration. Even Governor Holcomb’s administration just recently submitted our filings with the federal government to extend that program for several years. Still, Mr. Hill’s lawsuit continues to threaten this very program. Hill has no plan and no authority to offer another option for Hoosiers.

“It is time for the governor and his administration to stand up and tell Curtis Hill no.”

Every member of the Senate Democratic Caucus signed on to Sen. Tallian’s resolution. The caucus has always worked to make sure Hoosiers have affordable health insurance and access to effective health care. SR 5 was assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee, but the chair of the committee, Sen. Eric Koch, has said he will not even give the bill a proper hearing.

If you rely on HIP 2.0, or believe that this bipartisan health insurance program should not be hastily eliminated, call Sen. Koch and ask him to hear the resolution by January 30. SR 5 should be given the opportunity to be debated out in the open, and not die without any consideration. Call 317-234-9425 or email [email protected] to share your voice with Sen. Koch.