I made a mistake.

For 15 sessions in the General Assembly, I have taken pride in studying and understanding the implications and impact of legislation that comes across my desk, especially on the most controversial issues.  This time, I missed.  The amendment on HB 1065 came to us for the first time on Monday, sometime after noon, in a six inch stack of paper that included about 50 bills, with multiple amendments.


On the floor, I listened to discussion.  I heard what I believed to be a harmless measure providing that school boards may, but are not required, to give some portion of referenda funds to a charter.  I voted yes.


In the 24 hours since this vote, I have heard from my constituents and public education supporters about the depth of their opposition to this amendment and their reasons why.  Had I realized all of this, I would have voted NO.  And, I did vote  NO on the final bill.


I have always opposed the expansion of charter and voucher schools.  I have stood with teachers and avidly supported public education for 15 years.  I will continue to do that.

-Senator Karen Tallian (Ogden Dunes)