INDIANAPOLISToday, Senate Bill 398 passed out of the House with a vote 92-1. The proposal, authored by Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis), would allow the Indiana Department of Health to create and advertise a bone marrow donor recruitment program in Indiana to increase the chances of Hoosiers in need of a transplant finding a bone marrow match. Senator Taylor released the following comments upon passage of his bill:

“I’m grateful for the overwhelming support my proposal received in both chambers, and I thank Representative Vermilion for her help to keep this bill moving in the House,” Senator Taylor said. “About 3,000 people across the nation pass away every year because they can’t find a matching bone marrow donor, and my donor recruitment program will go a long way toward decreasing those fatalities in Indiana.

“Becoming a donor is safe and easy, and I urge Hoosiers to consider making a difference for those who need a bone marrow transplant due to illness by joining the registry. I’m excited about the life-saving potential of this legislation and look forward to seeing its impact in our state.”