INDIANAPOLIS On Wednesday evening, an Indianapolis police officer fatally shot and killed Sean Reed on the northwest side of the city, within Senate District 33 represented by State Senator Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis). Part of the incident was captured on Facebook Live and has been widely shared online. Sen. Taylor released the following statement on the shooting in his district:

“This is a devastating situation, and during this time of continued frustration with the pandemic, we have to be respectful of this family’s loss and keep them in our prayers. While there are still some details of this incident that are unknown, we know that a black man’s life has once again been taken and that his family and community deserve answers,” Sen. Taylor said. “I was able to meet and speak with one of Sean’s relatives yesterday, and his family is understandably feeling pain. Unfortunately, situations like this are becoming too common and incidents that could end in de-escalation are instead ending in death.

“Right now, members of my community are calling for answers and justice, and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department must work swiftly to provide both. There needs to be a thorough and sound investigation into this police shooting. Anything less than clear action to uncover the details of this incident will be unacceptable.”