INDIANAPOLIS—Today, Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement after attempting to amend the state budget, House Bill 1001, to include language requiring transparency in the upcoming congressional map process.

“All my amendment would have done is set up a process that requires us to be transparent with Hoosiers when drawing congressional maps,” Sen. Taylor said. “It didn’t put any additional requirement in place for the map drawing process or add a fiscal. It simply mandated that a plan be put forth so that Hoosiers are made aware, and are able to be involved when we are designing our district maps. My amendment only asked that the General Assembly communicate with residents about a process that they should already be included in.”

“The drawing of our next congressional district maps doesn’t just affect us in the General Assembly; this affects the generation that comes after us. And all I’m asking is for transparency and disclosure of information. Why is it too much to ask that elected leaders be transparent and inclusive to constituents about something as important as redistricting? Why do Senate Republicans feel like Hoosiers don’t deserve a seat at the table? I honestly can’t fathom the answer, and it’s shameful that Republicans in the Senate refused to even allow Hoosiers to be informed about when and where legislators are meeting to draw maps.

“It’s been ten years since we last drew maps, and since then we’ve had discussions and heard countless promises from those on the other side of the aisle on making necessary changes to our redistricting process. Now they don’t want to do anything. What are we supposed to expect from them during this process when they won’t even agree to simply be transparent with Hoosiers?”