INDIANAPOLISToday, in a chaotic scramble of undemocratic back-room dealings, SB 209which contained permitless carry language from the dead HB 1077was stripped again and reinserted into House Bill 1296. The bill then went to the Senate Rules and Legislative Procedure Committee where it was approved along party lines. It was voted out of the Senate with a vote of 30-20. 

Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement following the bill vote:

“I wish I was surprised by the undemocratic manner that permitless carry language was pushed through the Legislature, but it’s unfortunately all too common at our Statehouse. Despite the opposition from Hoosiers and our top law enforcement officer, this dangerous bill was approved out of the General Assembly, circumventing the proper legislative process and ensuring increased danger in our streets. Our caucus agrees with State Police Superintendent Carter on the risk this legislation will pose and stands with the 18,000 members of law enforcement who do not support this bill. 

“Permitless carry of a handgun will only contribute to the violent crime problem we’re already experiencing in Indiana. It makes no sense for the supermajority to advance a bill to eliminate the permit requirement for guns at the same moment they push through a “crime bill package” they say will address violence in Indianapolis. Under HB 1296, our streets will be less safe for Hoosiers and law enforcement, and it’s a shame to see this bill move forward despite rampant opposition from both residents and law enforcement.

“Despite this bill’s passage, I want to commend the community members who have been active and vocal in calling for the death of this bill. I also want to thank law enforcement who made it clear that permitless carry was not a policy they supported for Indiana. We will always advocate for safe and common-sense gun policies on behalf of Hoosiers, and we call on the Governor to veto HB 1296 when it reaches his desk. The Senate Democratic Caucus will continue supporting our public safety officials and their expertise on this issue.”