INDIANAPOLIS—Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement on Governor Holcomb deploying 50 Indiana National Guards to the southern border. 

“I am very disappointed that Governor Holcomb has decided to cave to political gamesmanship and use Hoosier citizens and asylum seekers as his pawns. Individuals trying to seek asylum deserve real and thoughtful immigration reform solutions—not this disgraceful game.   

“Instead of encouraging his party members in Washington to support the bipartisan effort to secure our southern border, he has decided to use state resources to put our citizens in danger for political expediency. Legitimizing this politically driven farce is a waste of time and resources, especially when we know Republicans in DC killed their OWN bill to support a solution at the southern border. Now, because of the irresponsible callousness of Washington DC Republicans, Indiana National Guard members will be separated from their families and sent to deal with an issue that Republicans are intentionally allowing to go unaddressed. I pray for the safe deployment and return of each of our Guard members to their families.  

“Indiana is better than this, and I call on the Governor to prioritize human life over partisan politics and reverse the embarrassing deployment of our National Guard members for the purpose of putting on an unnecessary political performance in fealty to Donald Trump.”