INDIANAPOLISOn Thursday, a proposal targeting the Gary School Corporation, House Bill 1187, was pulled from the House Ways and Means Committee agenda. 

The Gary Legislative Delegation, composed of Sen. Eddie Melton, Sen. Lonnie Randolph, Rep. Vernon Smith, Rep. Earl Harris Jr. and Rep. Ragen Hatcher, released the following statement:

“We want to thank the Gary community for coming down to speak out against HB 1187 and for making their voices heard through calls, emails and direct action. 

“HB 1187 was not supported by Gary teachers, parents or residents, and we’re happy to report that Rep. Tim Brown will not be hearing this proposal in the next two weeks, effectively killing this legislation.”

HB 1187 would have granted governing power of the Gary School Corp. to Indiana’s Secretary of Education, stripping the Gary community of their ability to select their own school board. The bill also would have prevented teachers from joining unions. 

“While this legislation has been blocked for now, we encourage allies, stakeholders and community members to remain vigilant and active until the end of session. Please visit to stay updated on moving legislation and keep an eye on amendments being made to other bills. It is still possible for language in HB 1187 to be put into another proposal so we urge you all to stay engaged. 

“The Gary Legislative Delegation and key community leaders will continue working on a contingency plan that our students deserve. We want our transition back to local control to be carried out in the best way possible.

“We must approach this transition with an intentional and strategic academic focus that supports our students and teachers instead of targeting them. The Gary Legislative Delegation will be advocating to get that done and will continue to lift up the voices of our community.”