As Indiana along with the nation continues to deal with the coronavirus public health crisis, many Hoosiers across the state are struggling to have their concerns and voices heard by their elected leaders.

Indiana Senate Democrats have made it our mission to change that.

Members of our Caucus have heard from constituents, essential workers and health care providers from all over the state, and we know some of the issues that are affecting you.

We know that there are some Hoosiers working on the front lines in conditions that defy CDC guidelines. We also know that some companies are lacking sufficient personal protective equipment, which puts health care and essential workers at greater risk.

The 2020 primary elections in other states have also caused a lot of concern for Hoosiers who are worried about safety. In states like Wisconsin, where many citizens didn’t have the option to vote by mail, voter turnout dropped from the 2016 election, as people chose to stay home rather than risk their health by voting in person.

These are serious issues, and it’s important that these concerns and struggles are being listened to and addressed by leaders in our state.

Hoosiers deserve the right to work in safe conditions. You shouldn’t be made to work under conditions that threatens your health and safety and puts your family at greater risk. As more Hoosiers look toward returning to work, it’s essential to ensure all workplaces offer adequate protections.

You deserve safe, accessible and efficient elections. Your right to vote should not be put at risk unnecessarily, especially when we know implementing mail-in voting would effectively solve this problem.

And you deserve to have your lives and livelihood protected by the leaders you elected to serve you. You shouldn’t be forced to choose between your safety and making ends meet. You also shouldn’t have to worry that you won’t be able to financially recover once this pandemic ends.

That’s why Indiana Senate Democrats started a new campaign that focuses on these issues. Our goal is to elevate your voices and fight on your behalf to ensure that the issues that matter to you are being heard and addressed. YOUR VOICE MATTERS.

#WorkSafe  #VoteSafe  #LiveSafe

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