INDIANAPOLISOn Monday, Senate Bill 356 passed out of second reading. State Senator Shelli Yoder (D-Bloomington) offered Amendment #2, which would require that adjunct teachers complete trainings on bullying prevention, child abuse and neglect, youth suicide awareness and prevention and human trafficking. Yoder released the following statement:

“I am happy and relieved to see this vital language added to SB 356. Our teachers, whether adjunct or permanent, need to be able to recognize signs of distress and have every tool they need to create a safe and supportive environment for our children. As we consider how to address teacher shortages, COVID funding and classroom readiness, the wellbeing of our kids must always be the top priority.”

Yoder continued, “Indiana’s students have borne the burdens of the past two years with incredible grace and strength, but COVID has undoubtedly taken a toll. Teachers are often our children’s most trusted confidants – we need to make sure they feel equipped to give Hoosier students the care and help they need. I greatly appreciate the support from my colleagues and hope we continue to commit ourselves to building up our educators and children.”