INDIANAPOLIS—Today the Indiana Senate passed Senate Bill 1, a near-total ban on abortion. State Senator Shelli Yoder (D-Bloomington) offered the following response:

“This bill is irredeemable and unpopular. If the majority were true democratic representatives of the people of Indiana, this bill would have been dead on arrival: no one who came to testify liked this bill. Even National Right to Life, the special interest group whose advice they sought in writing the bill, hates it. No Hoosier wants this law governing themselves, their daughters or any woman they love, but our 76% male legislature is happy to pass it, wash their hands of it and let Hoosier women and healthcare workers deal with the fallout.”

“The results of this bill are certain: fewer healthcare providers, more trauma, more dead women. This is an all-out assault on Hoosiers’ liberty and livelihood. My dearest wish is that this ugly, uncompassionate bill dies a quick, unceremonious death in the House.”