INDIANAPOLIS—On Monday, Senate Republicans passed HB 1608 through the Legislature. Assistant Minority Leader Shelli Yoder (D-Bloomington) released the following comment:

“HB 1608 is an amputation as a cure for a paper cut—it’s poorly made, reactionary policy that inserts the state into classrooms and the lives of Hoosier parents and students. School districts have long set their own policies regarding curricula and name and pronoun changes, and these policies have worked well for the vast majority of families: the last thing we need is more nannying and interference from inexpert legislators. All this bill does is guarantee that more kids across Indiana, LGBTQ+ or not, will be put in danger of losing homes and support without their consent or awareness. 

Childhood is complex enough in Indiana—the majority could make it a lot simpler if they chose to focus on real issues like gun violence, increased youth suicidality or youth food insecurity, rather than tracking nicknames and harassing LGBTQ+ children.”