INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday, Governor Eric Holcomb delivered his annual State of the State address. State Senator Shelli Yoder (D-Bloomington) released the following statement:

“Thanks to American Rescue Plan dollars, Indiana’s revenue forecast is bright this session, granting us the opportunity to give back to Hoosiers in unprecedented ways. Though I am heartened by the strides we’ve made in recovery, much of the money we’ve accrued has not yet made it to Hoosiers across the state, who struggle to provide for their families, pay bills and keep up with rising costs of living. This session, we have to focus on creating lasting, common sense legislation that addresses the needs unmet in Hoosiers’ daily lives.

“Currently, zero counties in Indiana have adequate access to infant and toddler care. Median home prices have increased 81% over the last decade, and Indiana still ranks 48th in air and water quality. We have the resources to invest in crucial supports in all of these areas of life—if we’re considering tax cuts for businesses this session, we surely also have to consider the day-to-day lives of the people we serve. I’ve filed Senate Bill 385 to help protect renters and housing applicants by lowering fees and prohibiting disclosure of unpursued or overturned evictions. I also filed Senate Bill 160, which would identify childcare deserts and study the long-term impacts of funding childcare services. If Governor Holcomb and the Legislature can follow through on the promises made in his address, like investments in teacher pay and retention, critical mental health and substance use treatment and infant and maternal mortality, Indiana will be infinitely better for it. Every dollar we have is an opportunity to make a difference. Our state isn’t measured by the money in our coffers, but how we invest it in our citizens.”