INDIANAPOLIS—Today, Statehouse Democrats held a press conference to share joint priorities for the 2024 Legislative Session. One top priority for Democrats is addressing the state of childcare in Indiana. Senate Assistant Democratic Leader Shelli Yoder released the following statement: 

“Access to affordable, quality childcare is an issue impacting Hoosiers across the state. Whether we are discussing workforce issues, public health, land use or aid for families— this issue comes up. And it’s no surprise when we consider the fact that parents, providers and employers are all struggling under the current childcare system. What we have now is not working. And Democrats are glad that this year, our Governor and Republican colleagues are finally joining us in recognizing this critical issue and looking for solutions.

“Right now, the state of childcare in Indiana cannot even be considered a system. It’s an over-stressed collection of stretched programs and underpaid workers. We need a plan and a comprehensive approach that includes financial investment. That’s why Democrats are once again offering solutions to create an actual childcare system to ensure parents have childcare options from the time their child is born until they enter school.”

Senator Yoder’s full remarks can be found here. 

The live press conference can be viewed here.