INDIANAPOLIS—Senate Assistant Democratic Leader Shelli Yoder (D-Bloomington) released the following statement on PFAS language being amended into House Bill 1329

“In less than five minutes, the conference committee for HB 1329 met and amended the bill to resurrect dead language from HB 1399, enabling misinformation about PFAS to Hoosiers. Why is this Legislature advancing a bill that would allow companies to lie to our residents about what is in their shampoo, health products, clothes and other items? It’s unconscionable. Hoosiers deserve the truth. They do not deserve this body deciding to dismiss facts and science on their behalf. Now, anyone trying to be more conscientious about the items they use in our state will have to navigate a terrain of lies green-lit by the law. Everything about this underhanded process and dangerous language is immoral and sickening.”