INDIANAPOLIS—On Tuesday, Senate Bill 252, which expands contraceptive access for Medicaid recipients, passed its final concurrence vote in the Senate. Author of the bill, State Senator Shelli Yoder (D-Bloomington) offered this comment on its passage:

“I’m extremely proud and excited to see my SB 252 headed to the Governor’s desk. This is a commonsense bill and a win for providers and patients: hospitals get to use inventory that would otherwise gather dust, and patients get increased access to vital contraception. Especially in light of last summer’s special session restricting abortion, it’s more important than ever that we give women more control over their bodies and reproductive futures in this way. This is a first, important step on a long road to restoring autonomy and reproductive independence to Hoosiers. I’m thankful for the bipartisan support and for all the work my colleagues put in to make this bill a law.”