Dear Neighbor,

I know the last two years have been difficult for us all. With the pandemic straining our economy and the recent rise in living costs, Hoosiers everywhere are struggling to stay afloat. That’s why I wanted to pass along the below information about an amazing program that could provide homeowners with much-needed relief. 

The Indiana Homeowners Assistance Fund was created through funding from the American Rescue Plan and eligible Hoosiers could qualify for as much as $35,000 in relief. You can visit the IHAF FAQ page for more information about eligibility requirements and more. Through a prescreening questionnaire on their website, you can learn right away if you qualify for aid so please check it out before going further in the process.

The application to apply for assistance from the IHAF can be found here

It’s always my goal to pass along useful information to Hoosiers, and I hope my letter about this program will help homeowners in District 3 connect with vital aid. If there’s anything I can do to provide you with assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact my office at  [email protected] or by calling 317-232-9432.


Senate Assistant Democratic Leader Eddie Melton, Senate District 3