Dear Neighbor,

As you may know, the Indiana General Assembly was called into special session in July to provide relief for Hoosiers through taxpayer refunds. Senate Bill 2, which I co-authored to authorize refunds to Hoosiers, was immediately signed into law and automatic taxpayer refunds have already started going out to Hoosiers with direct deposit and paper checks.

For Hoosiers who have not received their first automatic taxpayer refund, the auditor’s office has stated that Hoosiers will receive their refund as a combined check. That means individual filers who have not received their first $125 check will receive a total refund of $325. Joint filers could be eligible for up to $650 if they did not receive a first taxpayer refund. Because of expanded eligibility for the second taxpayer refund, some Hoosiers who did not qualify for the $125 check earlier this year will be eligible for the $200 checks. To qualify, the taxpayer must have received Social Security benefits during 2022 and must not be claimed as a dependent on a 2022 Indiana income tax return.

Taxpayers must file a 2022 Indiana resident tax return to claim the $200 Automatic Taxpayer Refund before Jan. 1, 2024. Instead of a direct payment, they will receive a $200 tax credit toward any additional taxes owed or refund due.

All Hoosiers can visit the Indiana Department of Revenue’s official site

The auditor’s office is sending out approximately 50,000 checks a day and they are expected to be delivered by the first week of October. The Department of Revenue is asking Hoosiers to wait until November 1 before reaching out about refunds as they may be en route.