INDIANAPOLIS—Today, Senate Bill 1 passed out of the Senate with a vote of 26-20. The policy, which was opposed by every Hoosier who testified, was amended on second reading to include additional restrictions, including restrictions on when a victim of rape or incest could access abortion.

“I’m disgusted and disappointed with the entire process we’ve seen in the Senate over this past week. I cannot say this enough—Hoosiers, advocacy groups and doctors told us not to pass this bill. I can’t understand why this excessive majority won’t leave doctors alone to do their jobs—the government has absolutely no business being involved in a matter as private and nuanced as abortion.

“The supermajority’s bill was already a bad policy upon introduction and it has gotten drastically worse with amendments. Now, there are criminal penalties against doctors, limitations on when rape victims can access an abortion, requirements for rape victims to sign a affidavit under perjury of the law to access an abortion. Meanwhile, amendments by my caucus to actually help women and families were voted down. All but two were rejected, including my religious exemption amendment since those of other faiths do not all agree when life begins. The supermajority voted that down, despite arguing the necessity of that same exemption for the COVID vaccine. Their hypocrisy has been blatant during this whole process, and I’m disturbed that this harmful policy is still moving. I can only hope this proposal dies in the House.”