INDIANAPOLIS—On Thursday, Senate Democrats held a press conference to discuss the amendments they’re offering to Senate Republicans’ abortion ban bill, Senate Bill 1. Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement:

“In committee, Senate Republicans made their bad bill worse and exceedingly more cruel. Women deserve and want the fundamental right to privacy protected under current law and we refuse to support any bill that impedes women’s access to vital health care. Women, with the counsel of their doctors and loved ones, will always be the best suited to make the difficult and nuanced decisions concerning their reproductive decisions.

“Although my caucus will not be supporting the supermajority’s regressive bill, we’re still going to do everything in our power to provide women with as much support, aid and access as possible as we enter these dark times.”

Senate Democrats will be offering over 30 amendments to the supermajority’s unpopular abortion ban bill, which was opposed by every Hoosier who came down to testify. The amendments fall under several categories and would provide women support.

“Every one of the Senate Democratic amendments simply make sure women have robust emotional, financial and maternal support throughout pregnancy. That support will be critical to protect the life, well-being and health of women, especially since we know the supermajority’s policy will force women into dangerous, scary and potentially impossible situations. We have a duty to be proactive and try to load on as much front-end support as we can to reduce maternal fatalities and try to decrease some of the burdens women will be forced to carry.

“If the state is going to mandate that girls and women have children against their consent, they need to step up enormously. Indiana is one of the worst states in the country to have a child, our maternal mortality and infant mortality rates are absolutely abysmal, and our state has one of the worst health outcome rankings in the nation. The amendments my caucus will be offering simply attempt to address long-standing issues that have hindered women and families in our state, and will absolutely be critical in Indiana once forced birth is the new law of the land.”