INDIANAPOLIS— Today, the excessive Republican majority voted to pass an extreme near-total ban on abortion. State Senator Rodney Pol Jr. (D-Chesterton)  issued the following statement following the passage of SB 1:

“Today, I voted against the extreme, near-total ban on a woman’s right to decide. This bill will traumatize women, their families and healthcare providers across the state. I will continue advocating to stop this bill as it moves to the House. Republican proponents of the draconian bill clearly demonstrated that they have no intent to be pro-life as it pertains to the mother or child after forcing birth. My colleagues and I proposed amendment after amendment to try to at least provide basic needs to mothers forced to give birth only for each one of them to be shot down by all but one or two Republicans. Hoosier women don’t deserve to have the government making this deeply personal decision for them.”