PORTER—This weekend, two juveniles were saved from drowning at Porter Beach through the utilization of recently installed life rings. State Senator Rodney Pol Jr. (D-Chesterton) issued the following statement in response to the incident:

“This weekend could have ended in tragedy for two families in Northwest Indiana. However, due to the quick thinking of Good Samaritans on the beach and the availability of life-saving equipment, disaster was averted. The newly installed life ring on the beach prevented what could have been the heartbreaking loss of two young lives.

“In the past legislative session, my bill, SB 253, was successfully passed, ensuring the installation of life-saving equipment on beaches across Northwest Indiana along Lake Michigan. The alarming statistics and passionate advocacy highlighted the critical need for life rings on every beach and pier. The Town of Porter installed their life rings on May 24, 2024, and just a month later, they have already proven their value.

“I am immensely grateful to everyone, including the bill’s co-authors, sponsors and Senator Glick, the chair of the Natural Resources Committee, who supported and helped pass this bill and to the community members whose selfless action saved lives. This successful rescue is a testament to the importance of our efforts and underscores the value of preventative safety measures. The survival of these two young individuals is a direct result of our community’s commitment to safety and preparedness.”