JUNE 6, 2024

BLOOMINGTON – State Senate Assistant Minority Leader, Shelli Yoder (D-Bloomington), released the following statement ahead of the Bloomington City Council vote tonight on the resolution to designate the city as a place that is safe for those seeking gender affirming healthcare:

“Gender affirming healthcare is lifesaving healthcare,” Senator Yoder said. “I urge all council members to stand with our transgender residents and declare that they are valued and welcomed members of our community who deserve the dignity of access to all necessary healthcare.

“We know that our transgender youth tragically have higher rates of depression and suicide, and that access to affirming care is a lifesaver for them. National organizations such as the American Medical Association and The American Academy of Pediatrics recognize the positive mental health outcomes for youth who receive supportive care and have written best practices for providing valuable services. We must protect the rights of parents, youth and their doctors to make medical decisions with well-established, scientifically backed guidance without interference from politicians.  Bloomington has a long history of being welcoming and treating people better than the state legislature, and I urge our Councilors to vote tonight to uphold that history by supporting the resolution.”