In 2024, Senator Greg Taylor aims to legalize medical cannabis, address school attendance, bring direct democracy to Hoosiers with ballot initiatives, provide childcare and renters tax assistance, and bring transparency to the IEDC. Hoosiers are facing an affordability crisis on multiple fronts—and with these bills and others from House and Senate Democrats, Senator Taylor wants to help Hoosier families not just get by—but thrive.

An Overview of Senator Greg Taylor’s Bills:

  • SB 126: Establishes a medical marijuana program, legalizes possession by those granted medical clearance, and creates state oversight and regulatory agency to run the program.
  • SB 127: Creates Open Records Law requirements for beneficiaries of state tax dollars under the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. Establishes additional reporting requirements related to the IEDC.
  • SB 195: Mandates compulsory school attendance for students beginning at age five.
  • SB 196: Technical amendment on Governor’s Supplier Diversity Commission.
  • SB 197: Creates robust and refundable childcare tax credit for dependents of working low-income families. A family of four making up to $55,000 a year could get another $1,000 a year back on their taxes.
  • SB 198: Doubles the renter’s tax credit deduction from $3,000 a year to $6,000 a year.
  • SJR 18: Creates a Constitutional mechanism for citizen-initiated ballot measures based on existing signature requirements for candidates running for elected offices.

Together with fellow Senate Dems, Senator Taylor envisions an Indiana that works for all families and readily supports them across all parts of life, from early education and living expenses, to childcare and opportunities to directly engage with their democracy. With these bills and more, Indiana can once again be a state that works for everyone, not just a few.