For Senator Shelli Yoder, 2024 is the year where Indiana finally promotes a quality of life for all Hoosiers and ensures they have the resources they need to thrive in both place and personhood.

From reproductive justice and ending the unjust tax on menstrual products, to fighting climate change and promoting affordable housing and addressing food deserts, Senator Yoder once again has creative proposals to the immense challenges facing Indiana residents.

An Overview of Senator Yoder’s Bills:

  • SB 174: Creates a nutritious food program under the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority to address food deserts and provide nutrition education.
  • SB 175: Requires that legally allowed low THC products have packaging that must be clearly labeled and avoid certain marketing strategies that might appeal to children.
  • SB 176: Establishes an income tax credit for beginning farmers to promote small-scale and sustainable agriculture.
  • SB 177: Creates a state task force to review agrivoltaics issues for future policy recommendations.
  • SB 203: Exempts menstrual discharge collection devices from state sales tax.
  • SB 207: Promote the community land trust affordable housing model through property tax regulations.
  • SB 208: Repeals most provisions of SB1 from the 2022 Special Session that banned abortion. Reestablishes licensure of abortion clinics, lessens time limits on the procedure, and removes the 8-week limitation on the use of abortion inducing drugs.

Senator Yoder wants to uplift vulnerable Hoosiers—those facing hunger, those seeking autonomy and control over their choice to start a family, and women seeking full involvement in society. Everyone benefits from a healthy climate, affordable housing, and safe THC products.

Together with Statehouse Democrats, Senator Yoder will be fighting for Hoosiers to have a safe and equitable state to call home.