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Andrea Hunley

Proudly serving Indiana Senate District 46, which encompasses portions of the city of Indianapolis, including downtown Indianapolis, Irvington, Fountain Square, Garfield Park, Warren Park, and parts of Center, Wayne, Warren and Perry townships.

Meet Senator Hunley

Standing Committees

Commerce and Technology (RMM), Education and Career Development, Elections, Family and Children Services, Tax and Fiscal Policy, Utilities (RMM)


A lifelong Hoosier, Sen. Andrea Hunley moved to Indianapolis after graduating from Indiana University to pursue her first teaching job. She taught English on Indy’s west side in one of the largest high schools in the state. She then went on to serve for 10 years as principal of an award-winning K-8 Indianapolis Public School.

Sen. Hunley earned a Master’s Degree in Language Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education from Indiana University. She holds a PK-12 School Administrator license, license to teach middle and high school English, and a license to teach English as a New Language.

Originally from Fort Wayne, Sen. Hunley was in the foster care system and adopted at a young age. Supporting our vulnerable children and families is a priority for her.

Sen. Hunley has experienced the joys and challenges of small business ownership and the importance of the creative economy with her husband of 15 years, Ryan, who is the Owner/Art Director of Second Street Creative.

Sen. Hunley enjoys biking on the Cultural Trail with her husband their two school-age children. As a proud one-car family, they are privileged to live within walking distance to work, school, shops, and a convenient bus route.

Transit Is Essential:
Protect the Blue Line

The Indiana General Assembly is considering SB 52, legislation that would stop localities from constructing dedicated bus lanes which are essential to functional Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems. While this bill would impact the entire state, we know that in reality this is a targeted attempt to stop IndyGo from completing the Blue Line, a project years in the making to connect the far east and west sides of Indianapolis.

I hope you’ll add your name to my letter calling on my colleagues in the Senate to stop this bill and protect transit. Learn more about SB 52

My Dear Senate Colleagues,

I write this open letter to join my voice with those in my district, Indianapolis and across the state who are calling, writing and coming to the Statehouse in droves to oppose legislation that would ban the construction of IndyGo’s Blue Line.

I know from meeting and talking with community members that the residents, business owners and voters on Indy’s east side and all over the state are excited about the investment and opportunity that transit projects like the Blue Line fuel.  In particular, folks from Irvington have shown up throughout this process to overwhelmingly express their support for IndyGo and the Blue Line – even when it has meant correcting public misrepresentations of their positions.

One developer of a long-awaited project in Irvington acknowledged the Blue Line as a reason for selecting the future build site, and logistics companies currently under construction in the area will have access to a broader employee base. These examples only hint at the incredible potential of a transit-empowered, fully integrated Indianapolis.

The message is clear: Residents across my district want better access to downtown, the airport and employment opportunities. The Blue Line would provide them with that. SB 52 would end those developments before they can begin. 

I believe that we saw bipartisan opposition to this bill in committee for a reason. Time and again, we have seen legislators at the state level attempt to circumvent the will of communities and undo their local votes. Nearly a decade ago, this body gave Hoosiers in Indianapolis a choice about expanding transit. We chose to do so and IndyGo, the City of Indianapolis and countless other stakeholders have executed that mandate in a careful, collaborative and community-focused way. I ask my colleagues to consider the untold labor, expertise, organizing and material investment that will be squandered if SB 52 becomes law. I ask that we respect the democratic process that we initiated and allow local officials to see it through.

Transit matters and transit builds communities. There is no bus rapid transit without dedicated bus lanes. For these reasons and so many more, I will be standing with the people in my district — transit users, just like me – and fighting alongside them for the defeat of this bill.

Thank you for your consideration of their voices and of my own.

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