Photo: Senator Hunley displays a map demonstrating that most of the proposed IndyGo Blue Line, under threat from SB 52, runs through District 46.

(INDIANAPOLIS) – State Senator Andrea Hunley (D – Indianapolis) released the following statement regarding the Senate’s passage of SB 52, a bill which threatens public transit expansion and traffic safety statewide:

“Indianapolis deserves reliable, safe rapid transit. It goes without saying that I am disappointed the Senate has moved forward with this ill-considered and antidemocratic legislation.

“In less than a week nearly 800 Hoosiers reached out to join my open letter calling on my colleagues to reject SB 52 and protect transit. Indianapolis residents called on the Senate to respect the choices that we have made at the ballot box and through our local government. I shared some of their stories on the floor. They represent just a fraction of the Hoosiers across the state who will be impacted if this bill passes into law. Many are transit users like myself, but many more are business owners, local leaders, and concerned citizens who want the development and opportunity that transit can bring to their communities whether they personally utilize transit or not.

For the state to come in at this late stage, undermine local authority, and compromise over a decade of planning and millions of dollars in infrastructure funds sends the clear message that the majority in this chamber does not have the interests of the Hoosiers who power its largest and most economically productive city at heart. This bill is not about dedicated bus lanes, and it never has been. It’s about our dedication to the democratic process. 

“This doesn’t make political sense. It doesn’t make economic sense. It is an exercise in power for powers’ sake. I will be working alongside my constituents and my colleagues in the House for the defeat of this bill until the very end.”