INDIANAPOLIS—Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement in response to the passage of Senate Bill 52, the bill prohibiting the use of designated lanes.


“At its core, SB 52 is a local control bill that disenfranchises voters and places the partisan goals of elected officials over the desires and best interests of an entire community. This Senate has no business going in and undoing a decision made by Indianapolis voters who overwhelmingly elected to create a bus rapid transit system. That the Senate chose to pass a bill they knew would threaten a project under construction in Senator Hunley’s district—a project that members of her community have already approved—should put everyone on guard.


“Indiana’s big government has made it clear that they will override the voices of voters, shut down economic develop, and go after local communities’ if a member of their majority takes issue with a project happening in a district they don’t even represent. I’ll continue working to get the bad policy defeated. Residents of Senator Hunley’s district don’t deserve to have their plans to improve their community, connect their residents and increase public safety roadblocked by this Legislature.”