INDIANAPOLIS—Yesterday, House Democrats offered an amendment that would have added the following question to the ballot: Shall Hoosiers be allowed to initiate a ballot referendum in Indiana?  


The language was voted down by House Republicans. Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement: 


“Yesterday, my House Democratic colleagues sought to gauge the views of Indiana citizens by adding a question to the ballot asking if Hoosiers should be allowed to initiate ballot referendums. By all accounts, this language should’ve received unanimous support. There’s no justification for legislators elected to serve the will of the people to vote against hearing directly from the people.  


“Residents of 26 other states already have a citizen-initiated referendum process and this question would’ve let our Legislature know undoubtedly if Hoosiers want to have that same freedom. I’m disappointed my House Republican colleagues voted against hearing Hoosiers’ views on this issue. This Legislature’s fear of hearing directly from constituents is telling.  


“Statehouse Democrats will not stop our fight for Hoosiers voices; the will of the people must prevail.”