INDIANAPOLIS—On Wednesday, Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement on continuing his fight for Hoosiers’ voices in 2024:

“Again and again, we’ve seen Americans across the nation vote to protect reproductive rights and legalize cannabis when given the opportunity. Now, all four of our neighboring states have legalized marijuana in some form. 85% of Hoosiers want changes to our cannabis laws and they don’t deserve to go to jail for something legal in all of our neighboring states. Unfortunately, my Republican colleagues have refused to listen to Hoosiers and choose instead to force their personal and religious views onto the people of Indiana. That’s why we have a near-total abortion ban on the books, despite 56.7% percent of Hoosiers agreeing abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

“Our jobs are not to push for policies that serve our personal agendas but for what Hoosiers have told us they want. Policies that support Hoosers’ families, futures and freedom. In the case of abortion and cannabis, Hoosiers have made it clear: they want freedom. It’s time for Indiana to let the people of Indiana weigh in on these issues and vote directly at the ballot on the policies that govern their lives. Once again, I’ll be fighting for that freedom for the people of Indiana in 2024.”