INDIANAPOLIS—Today, Senate Democrats held a press conference to share their 2024 Session plans to combat Indiana’s affordability crisis and build an economy that works for the people. Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement: 

“When we start session in January, we’ll hear a business-heavy rundown from the supermajority on where we are as a state that excludes the everyday struggles of Hoosiers. My caucus has been hearing from Hoosiers all year, and what we’re hearing is that—despite Indiana’s triple-A rating and despite this being one of the best states in the nation to do business and despite the unexpected revenue that has been pouring into the state these last several years—every day, working Hoosiers continue to experience financial strain.   

“They are struggling with an affordability crisis that was present before the pandemic, worsened during the pandemic and has not yet been adequately addressed by this General Assembly.  Last year, while we passed a budget forcing taxpayers to pick up the tab for the private school bills of wealthy families and gave raises of up to 60% to top government officials, no truly meaningful legislation was passed to address the most pressing needs of Hoosiers.   

“Hoosiers are buckling under the burden of rising living costs. Rent and utility prices have soared, and aid and wages have not matched need. We have a workforce issue that’s being driven, in part, by our state’s severe childcare shortage and no legitimate legislative solutions were approved last session. High healthcare bills continue to plague our most vulnerable residents, and even with the investment we made in healthcare last year, we know it was underfunded in the budget. Hoosiers will continue to slip through the cracks and feel strain. We also know that this state has repeatedly refused to consider good public policy that would expand medical options for Hoosiers and even introduce a new stream of revenue into our state with the legalization of marijuana.   

“The needs and voices of Hoosiers have not been prioritized by this body, and the economic struggles of everyday Hoosiers, working families and vulnerable communities have felt the greatest impact of that. My caucus will be pushing for solutions that support an economy that doesn’t just work for multi-million- and billion-dollar corporations, but an economy that works for the people.” 

View the entire Senate Democratic Caucus press conference here.   




Democratic Solutions to Combat the Affordability Crisis 

Housing and Utilities:

  • Tenants rights and ratepayer protections
  • Renters’ income tax deduction
  • Senior housing access and affordability
  • Moratorium on utility disconnects during winter months
  • Annual consumer reporting by utilities to ensure transparency
  • Fair & predictable disconnect/reconnect timelines
  • Waive utility reconnect fees


  • Marijuana decriminalization; medical use legalization
  • Continued advocacy for lower drug prices
  • Expanding access in poorly served communities, urban and rural
  • Advocate for Medicaid expansion
  • Repeal of menstrual product tax
  • Private insurance coverage for doula services


  • Pre-K eligibility expansion
  • Pre-K grant funding program
  • Compulsory age of school attendance
  • Making CCDF and housing vouchers available to all child care workers regardless of income