INDIANAPOLIS—Early this morning, Attorney General Todd Rokita sent letters to authorities in Indiana municipalities including East Chicago, Gary, and Monroe County threatening future legal action under SEA 181 for a perceived lack of cooperation in enforcement of immigration law. Senate Minority Leader Greg Taylor (D – Indianapolis), Senator Lonnie M. Randolph (D – East Chicago), Senator David Vinzant (D – Gary), and Senator Shelli Yoder (D – Bloomington) released the following joint statement in response:

“Time and time again, Attorney General Todd Rokita proves himself to be a hammer in search of a nail. The letters and statement issued this morning targeting municipalities in Northwest Indiana as well as Monroe County are simply the latest ploy from our Attorney General to take advantage of Hoosiers, threaten minority groups, and misrepresent our communities for his own political gain – just as members of our Caucus predicted during floor debate on the law he is threatening to invoke. If the AG finds probable cause that the law is not being followed after July first, he is welcome to prove his case in a court of law. Until then, this is nothing but further posturing before the court of public opinion. We believe Hoosiers can see right through AG Rokita, and so do the lawmakers elected by the communities he’s threatened today.”